A Christmas gift you can actually use

by Michael A. Dalton

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It’s that holiday time of year again with Black Friday fast approaching. This year instead of a bad tie or a subscription to the jelly of the month club, here’s a present you can really use. One that can help you get more projects done in less time during 2013 —a free 5 – project version of SimpleCC – the Excel based tool for getting projects done in less time.

It’s  perfect for companies with a smaller project portfolio that needs to get projects done in less time. Of course, if you’re managing a larger project portfolio and need true multi-project capability, I’d suggest a Free 1 Month Trial of Exepron.

SimpleCC requires no registration or email – it’s just our gift to you. Available until the end of 2012, it’s a perpetual license and includes our portfolio dashboard, extensive help documentation, and resource management tools.

Other features of Simple CC Include:

  • Comprehensive users guide and built-in error checking
  • Planning mode which prevents project from showing up in the pipeline dashboard until execution begins.
  • Automatic insertion of project buffers based on the touch time of CC tasks and feeding buffers to protect against integration risk
  • Determinant duration handling for fixed length tasks that require no buffer (e.g. 30 day heat stability test)
  • Evaluation of integration risk for long feeding chains.
  • Resource selection from shared pool with up to 5 different resources per single task
  • Task grouping under meta-task headings (e.g. Design Begins, Design Completed)
  • Handling for weekends, holidays, and company specific shutdowns
  • Up to 300 tasks per project
  • Ability to archive completed projects

Technical Requirements:

  • Windows: Microsoft Excel 2007 or 2010.
  • Mac: Microsoft Excel 2007 or 2010 running under Windows emulation such as vmware Fusion or Parallels
  • Excel 2011 for the Mac OS has not shown to be as macro ready as Microsoft advertises. Depending on the interest we get for SimpleCC on Windows, we can look at modifying the macros for Mac compatibility.
  • Excel 2008 for the Mac cannot support the macro functionality required for SimpleCC.

Click here to download SimpleCC

Instructions with screenshots are included as a PDF document.




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